The Last Essay in Our Series, and Supporting Direct Action on Depression

Hey there,

thanks for subscribing to my series of essays on the history and origins of depression, and alternative, autonomous approaches to addressing medical problems.

We're nearing the end of the essay series. I have one more essay planned, where I'll dive deep into the various approaches to the cause of depression, and all potential solution spaces - pharmaceutical, sociological, communal, and environmental. If you've been waiting to hear what actually works, how well it works, and why, don't worry - we're almost there!

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about a cool thing I'm involved with, as a subscriber to this list about DIY approaches to complicated societal problems.

I'm a co-organizer of the Please Try This At Home Conference. The short of it is that we're bringing together top minds in various fields of science, electronics, biotechnology, and computer science to discuss bottom-up, radical approaches to mental health, bodily autonomy, and DIY biology. The conference is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Persad Center from September 14-15, and you are invited!

In addition, we want to keep things free, and as accessible as possible, and that costs money. If you would like to help us pay speaker fees, pay translators and sign language interpreters, and help put people up for the weekend, please donate to our GoFundMe.

One of the major areas of the conference will be producing bottom-up, widely accessible, and cheap solutions to depression for all. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!


PS: if this email pisses you off, I'm sorry, and you can unsubscribe below. No hard feelings!